Ecommunications? NO! Saturday, Jan 24 2009 

Today, it was announced officially that Pope Benedict XVI has removed the “excommunications” against the bishops of the Society of St. Pius X. Let us rejoice in this news! This proves once again, that the Society was right in the need to consecrate bishops to continue Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre’s work. Even Pope John Paul II and the then Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger agreed on this need. Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the SSPX also made a brilliant statement by using Pope John Paul II’s own words in declaring the Church to be in a state of “silent apostasy” and the need for everyone to look at the facts regarding this modern crisis in the Catholic Church. For more information on today’s news, log on to

Abortion Thursday, Jan 22 2009 

Today marks the day where “abortion” was legalized in the United States. A very tragic day indeed. We know we have come to barbarism if the most defenseless and innocent among us are deemed to be a “choice” and not what called what they really are — “human.” Let us pray for the conversion of our nation, that we may protect the life of the unborn.

In addition, rumors are circulating around the Internet that the Society of St. Pius X’s bishops have had their excommunications “withdrawn” by Pope Benedict XVI. It has been nearly twenty one years since the consecrations, which were a heroic act by Bishops Marcel Lefebvre and Antonio Castro de Mayer in Econe, Switzerland. Let us pray that the Vatican opens their eyes in seeing that the consecrations weren’t done in disobedience to the Catholic faith. Rather, to continue, or “transmit” the faith as commanded by St. Paul.

Solemn High Mass Monday, Dec 29 2008 

Deacon Benjamin Campbell will be ordained in a few days. He will say Mass in Sanford this Sunday. It will be a Solemn High Mass. St. Thomas More Chapel last saw a Solemn High Mass on April 2-3, 2005 with Bishop Richard Williamson (same date Pope John Paul II died and the Sunday following).

Send in the clowns! Monday, Dec 22 2008 

Bishop Thomas Wenski is set to offfer Christmas Mass at St. Paul’s in Leesburg. The parish is known for a liberal rendition of the Novus Ordo being shown each week on the television. Just before the Feast of the Nativity, those watching were shown a special treat — clowns at Mass.

New site! Sunday, Dec 21 2008 

Bishop Tissier de Mallerais

Welcome to the new — an old website, but a new blog. Look for posts in the coming days!

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